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Аккумулятор не заряжается.

    Check the following.
    - The Charge lamp may flash if the battery is over-discharged, such as when the battery has not been charged for a long time or right after the purchase. In this case, the symptom will be corrected by removing the battery and charging it again.
    - If the Charge lamp does not light or blink while charging, the terminals may be dirty. Wipe the dust away on the terminal with a dry cloth, charge the battery again. * Do NOT touch the terminal with your hands or metals.
    - Use Sony battery and battery charger. The use of counterfeit products may cause a malfunction.
    - We recommend charging the battery under the environment of 10 degrees C to 30 degrees C (50 degrees F to 86 degrees F) until the Charge lamp goes off. Under the other environments, the battery may not be charged efficiently.
    - Charge the battery inserted into the camera after turning off the camera.
    - Check if the battery is inserted into the camera properly as a battery direction may be confusing. If the problem persists even if you try the above, the camera may need to be repaired.